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September 2017: The new Scheller design line "Black Edition" is available now!

Precious tuners in black combinable with all available engravings, knobs, shafts and cabs/sleeves.

scheller-gitarrenmechanik Black Edition, modell L

Scheller Tuner "Black Edition" Model L


Scheller-Einzelmechanik "Black Edtiion"

Scheller Single Tuner "Black Edition"

scheller-gitarrenmechanik, gravur 55

Scheller Tuner "Black Edition" with engraving L55


scheller-mechanik Black Editition mit gravur

Scheller-Tuner "Black Edition" with engravingr L60

scheller-mechanik Black Edition mit gravur 65

Scheller-Tuner "Black Edition" with engraving L65


May 2017: Now also available: Scheller Tuners for Double Bass, Mandolin, Ukulele

mechanik für Kontrabass




May 2017: New tuners for Acoustic Guitars


July 2015: New tuners available!


Scheller type EO


Scheller type EW


scheller-mechanik EKS

Scheller type EKS (for steel strings)

scheller-mechanik EOS

Scheller type EOS (for steel strings)

scheller-mechanik RS

Scheller type RS (for steel strings)


July 2015: New hand engraving designs available!

gravur LL66 No. LY66

gravur LL66 neusilber No. LY66 Silver nickel

gravur 67 No. LL67


A complete overview of temporary available hand engraving designs you find under Handangravings